VGM weighing services

RHE has certified electronic scales to weigh lorries and containers.

Using its computer system, RHE is equipped to transmit VGM data directly to the port. The weighing system is available to any party that needs to have the certified weight of the load, for any use.

The service can be booked over the phone or via email using the form on this page.

In line with SOLAS regulations, RHE is an accredited logistics hub for weighing full export containers.

Two standardised weighing stations are in operation at the RHE gate to weigh containers.

RHE offers different weighing methods

  • dual weighing (Tare – Gross)
  • individual weighing (Tare communicated by the Client)

Previously weighed vehicles will access the terminal from a separate lane. The RHE weighing system will issue a copy of the weight certificate to the driver. The weighing data will be transmitted to the destination port via EDI.

Download the booking forms and the commercial notice.