RHE is a modern and efficient Inter-modal Terminal, part of the Autosped G Group.

Rail Hub Europe S.p.A. (RHE) was established in 2018 and is located in the heart of the “industrial triangle” of North-west Italy, formed of the key cities of Milan, Turin and Genoa.

The total area at RHE’s disposal is approximately 1,200,000 square metres.  It currently operates with a surface area of around 250,000 square metres, which represents the first stage of a major development project entailing an expansion to the current structure by another 650,000 square metres.

The envisaged handling capacity under full operation is over 500,000 containers.

The RHE terminal is located in a highly strategic area, at the crossroads between the main rail lines connecting countries in the North-east with countries in Western Europe (corridor V) and the connections between Genoa and ports in Northern Europe (III pass).

Thanks to its position, the RHE terminal offers operators an ideal platform for sorting import and export goods, in support of operations and the growth of ports in Liguria.

The structure is able to offer a vast range of terminal services to railway operators and road hauliers.

Rail Shunting

RHE is able to carry out all rail wagon shunting operations from Rivalta Scrivia station, with the use of diesel locomotives.

Customs services

The Rivalta Scrivia Customs Office – Genoa Inner Harbour has been active at RHE since December 2014.
It is possible to carry out all customs operations at Rivalta Scrivia, both import and export, including goods checks required by the competent authorities.
A dedicated office ensures that maximum assistance is provided to customers, allowing operations to be sped up considerably.
Furthermore, fast corridors from Genoa VTE and La Spezia by rail are operational at RHE.

Maintenance & Repair

The range of services offered by RHE is complete with a full maintenance service, which includes repairs, cleaning, painting and control tests for:

  • Dry containers;
  • Reefer containers;
  • Tank containers;
  • Semi-trailers;
  • Rail wagons.