Customs services

Processing of all customs operations

RHE has areas, warehouses and staff qualified to process all customs operations. Thanks to an internal office, the following services are offered:

  • nationalisation
  • temporary storage service

Document of interest

Activation of controlled rail corridors for container handling from the point of disembarkation until the temporary storage warehouse of a destination logistics hub. “Rail Fast Corridor”.

Controlled customs corridors are currently active for RHE S.p.A. at the ports of Genoa Voltri, La Spezia and Vado Ligure.

The new Customs Office – Genoa Inner Harbour is based at RHE with a new structure equipped with the latest remote control systems for containers.

Our structure has been involved in the first national trial of “Rail Fast Corridors” since November 2008, between the port of Genoa VTE (Voltri) and the Rivalta inner harbour site, allowing for the development of control technologies and improvements in the performance of all procedures that protect the control bodies.

With note no. 53313/RU of 05/05/2015 (Framework), the Italian Customs Authority issued operating instructions for the activation of the procedure throughout Italy.

Furthermore, the structure has a 1,500-square-metre warehouse kitted out for customs checks.

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