Business sectors

RHE operates in the Logistics sector as an Inter-modal Terminal.

Rail Hub Europe S.p.A. (RHE) offers full/empty container handling services with its own qualified staff, rail shunting services with its own locomotives and staff from/to Rivalta Scrivia Station to/from the Rail Hub Europe Terminal, from/to the Rivalta Scrivia freight terminal owned by the operator Katoen Natie and from/to other connections in the Rivalta area.

These services include the delivery and collection of rail wagons and convoy rearrangement.

RHE specialises in the handling and inter-modal transfer of cargo destined for ports and Inland Terminals.

The Terminal operates the following vehicles:

  • 2 shunting locomotives,
  • 5 reach stackers of 45 metric tonnes,
  • 5 counterbalanced lift trucks from 8 to 32 metric tonnes,
  • 3 terminal lorries,
  • 8 port terminal trailers of 50 metric tonnes.


The facility also has five 800-metre internal tracks and another four in the external rail fleet.

As part of the Terzo Valico dei Giovi Project, work is under way for the renovation of Rivalta Scrivia station that, upon completion, will have four 750-metre tracks to receive even international convoys.

The RHE Terminal operates over an area of approximately 250,000 square metres located near the most important railway and motorway routes in the Northwest of Italy. Thanks to the highest levels of efficiency and professionalism, RHE offers all the services typical of container and inter-modal terminals:

  • Long-stay loaded container storage
  • Empty container storage
  • Tank storage
  • Railway shipments for the ports of Genoa PRA, La Spezia, Vado Ligure
  • Railway shipments for Inland Terminal, Padua, Marzaglia and Rubiera
  • Customs services
  • The terminal is a certified customs operator (AEO)
  • Maintenance and repair workshop for containers and tanks
  • Container cleaning
  • Reefer connection with 18 fuel pumps
  • PTI control
  • Fumigation service
  • VGM weighing service


Rail Connections

The following rail connections currently take place on a daily basis from the RHE Terminal:

  • Genova VTE – Rivalta in both directions
  • La Spezia – Rivalta in both directions
  • Padova – Rivalta in both directions


Transfers of import containers from Genoa are carried out as A3 (temporary storage) without the issue of a customs document.

This method is the result of a special agreement has in place between RHE and the Italian Customs Authority. Not only does it guarantee a significant cost saving for companies since it does not require the issue of a T1 shipping document or customs clearance lines for goods transit within the national territory, it also allows for containers to leave for the foreign country within 48-72 hours after disembarkation from the ship, thus reducing port costs.